Corrie Turnbull LMT, CLT

I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist in Anchorage for 16 years.  I also work at Katmai Oncology Group, massaging patients who are fighting cancer.  Massage Therapy can help ease the side effects from chemotherapy, such as stress, fatigue, insomnia, nausea, anxiety and pain.  Low impact massage can do wonders to ease their experience.  Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle massage which is intended to encourage the natural flow of the lymph system.  This can help prevent lymphedema after lymph nodes have been removed and boost the immune system.


As of September 2017, I am a Certified Lymphedema Therapist.  I am now up to date on the lasted Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Techniques and can safely work on lymphedema patients.  Lymphedema happens when you have a compromised lymphatic system.  In the western world it is usually caused by surgery, radiation and/or cancer.  Your lymphatic system is an important part of your immune system, this network of vessels, help rid the body of toxins and waste.  The lymph fluid also contains infection-fighting white blood cells.  Blockage or damage of the lymphatic vessels leads to fluid retention.  For example, a patient with breast cancer has a mastectomy along with radiation therapy.  The surgeron will usually cut into the underarm, which contains many lymph nodes.  Removal of the lymph nodes and damage to the lymph vessels will leave the lymphatic system compromised.  Therefore upping the chances of lymphedema post surgery.  This can lead to swelling in the arm, chest wall and/or around the shoulder blade.  With MLD massage therapy along with compression garments you can keep the swelling under control.  How often MLD massage therapy is needed depends on the severity and your MD’s approval.


Axillary Web Syndrome (AWS) also known as cording can be the early signs of the lymphatic vessels “shutting down.”  Lymph node biopsy or lymph node dissection are common in the axillary region (underarm) with breast cancer patients.  You can either feel or see one or many “cords” starting at the site of scarring in the underarm region and extending down the inner arm to the inside of the elbow. Sometimes they can continue all the way down to the palm of your hand or go the other direction from the scarring site across the chest wall.  The cords tend to be painful and tight, making it difficult for you to lift your arm any higher than your shoulder or extend the elbow fully.  Cording typically occurs anywhere from several days to several weeks after your surgery, although there have been individual cases where it appears many months later.  Surgeons recommend not lifting your effected arm above your shoulder for 2 weeks after surgery to allow the lymphatic vessels, blood vessels and/or nerves to heal.  Under my Lymphedema Certification, I have learned how to gently lengthen and attempt space correction in the effected limb.


Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy is a deeper massage that spreads the fascia and works out hypertonicity in the muscle tissue.  This can increase the clients range of motion and decrease pain from migraines, back pain, carpal tunnel, sciatica and plantar fasciitis.


Acupressure is the gentle yet deep finger pressure on specific points in the body.  This can help release chronic tension.  I use acupressure in all my massage therapy treatments.


Prenatal Massage enhances the function of muscles and joints, improves circulation and general body tone, and relieves mental and physical fatigue.  My massages can be tailored to each Mother’s specific needs.


What I have achieved:

  • Axillary Web Syndrome   Oct. 2017
  • Lymphedema Certification   Sept. 2017
  • Massage for People Living with Cancer   Dec. 2016
  • Oncology Massage Therapy: Caring for Clients with Cancer   Oct. 2016
  • Cancer and Massage Therapy   May 2016
  • CPR, AED, and First Aid   June 2015
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage  Sept. 2002
  • Myofascial Release / Trigger Point      Aug. 2002
  • Jin Shin Do Acupressure  May 2002
  • Massage Therapy Certificate   August 2001 to June 2002   Graduating  from UAA.